Establish A Good Dental Care Routine For Your Children

Teaching your child how to properly care for their smile early on will be valuable for their future health.oral hygiene

Despite the fact that the teething process is certainly not the most fun for parents, it can be fun to see your child’s first teeth appear. At this point you may be wondering what you can do to keep their newly emerging teeth healthy. Our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve, is here to provide you with helpful and simple ways to keep your child’s smile healthy for the long term.

Teach Brushing Techniques Early

Even though you’ll be brushing your child’s teeth in the very beginning, you will also want to show them how to do it. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and follow the toothpaste’s instructions so you know how much to use. You will most likely need to instruct your child on how to brush until around the age of 6 or 7 years old. Take turns brushing your little one’s teeth when you are first showing them how to do it. Doing it twice a day is key to making this part of your child’s daily routine.

Make Oral Care Entertaining

Brushing and flossing doesn’t have to be a chore. You can make this time spent with your child a fun one. Let them pick out a fun toothbrush and opt for child-friendly toothpastes with fun flavors. Choose a song that’s about 2 to 3 minutes long instead of putting on a boring timer and spent the time singing or bopping to music while brushing.

Provide a Reward System

Giving your child a reward system for brushing their teeth each morning and night is a great way to ensure that they keep up with their oral routine. Give them a sticker every time they brush. At the end of the week offer up a prize such as a toy they’ve been wanting or a treat from their favorite restaurant that will keep them excited to brush and floss their teeth.

Visit the Dentist

No matter how healthy your child’s smile might seem they will still need to come in every six months so that we can examine their teeth and gums and make sure there are no issues. These visits are also a great time to talk about how to care for their smile, whether braces might be a good option and to answer any questions you might have.

Whether you have questions about caring for your child’s smile or you need to schedule their first cleaning, you’ll always receive compassionate, comprehensive dental care at Green Bay Family Dental. Call us today!