Can Porcelain Crowns Improve My Smile?
By Green Bay Family Dental
December 29, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Wear and tear, aging, decay, and injuries can damage or weaken teeth and alter your smile. Fortunately, your Green Bay, WI, Dentists, Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve or Dr. Eric Ulve of Green Bay Family Dental, can help you restore, strengthen, or enhance your smile with porcelain crowns.

Versatile crowns offer several smile benefits

Crowns are hollow restorations that slip over the tops of your teeth, protecting them on all four sides. A certain amount of artistry is involved in crafting porcelain crowns. Dental laboratory technicians use an impression of your mouth to create a restoration that looks natural and feels comfortable. After your Green Bay dentist makes a few small adjustments to your crown, it's cemented to your tooth.

Porcelain, a durable material that reflects light the same way tooth enamel does, is used to create crowns that are tough enough to withstand years of chewing and biting.

Your dentist may recommend crowns if:

  • You Have a Large Filling: Porcelain crowns help strengthen teeth with large fillings. Although the filling process eliminates decay, it can weaken the tooth if a significant amount of structure must be removed. Crowns can also be used instead of a filling if decay is extensive.
  • You Had a Root Canal: Tooth-saving root canal therapy can weaken your tooth. Adding porcelain crowns decreases your risk of a fracture.
  • Your Teeth are Fragile: Brittle or crumbling teeth can be protected and strengthened with dental crowns.
  • You Have a Crack in Your Tooth: Cracks weaken teeth and may allow bacteria to enter the teeth and cause tooth decay. Encasing teeth in layers of porcelain keeps bacteria away and prevents the crack from breaking your tooth.
  • Your Tooth is Too Short: Whether you have a few teeth that have become short due to grinding, or you have a tooth that has always been short, crowns can be used to add height.
  • Your Tooth Broke: Crowns restore broken teeth, improving their appearance and your ability to chew.
  • You Don't Like the Way a Tooth Looks: Porcelain crowns can completely change the shape of teeth or conceal discolorations.

Strengthen, protect, and improve your smile with porcelain crowns! Call your Green Bay, WI, dentists, Drs. Heidi Eggers-Ulve and Eric Ulve of Green Bay Family Dental, at (920) 432-2961 to schedule your appointment.


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