Fillings Can Make Your Teeth Strong Again
By Green Bay Family Dental
August 20, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you’re dealing with a cavity a filling is often the best way to restore the tooth.

According to the CDC, cavities are the most common childhood disease in kids between the ages of 6-11. However, this doesn’t mean that adults are off the hook. Cavities are also a serious and common problem for teens and adults, including seniors. The good news is that if decay is caught early enough by our Green Bay, WI, family dentist Dr. Eric Ulve and pediatric dentist Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve we can easily place a dental filling to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Want to know the benefits of dental fillings? You’ve come to the right place. These are the benefits of getting fillings from our team:

Prevent further dental issues

A cavity causes a hole to develop within tooth enamel. If the cavity isn’t removed it will continue to spread until it reaches the inside of the tooth where the pulp is. From there, an infected pulp will require a root canal or, worse, a tooth extraction. By getting a dental filling from our Green Bay, WI, dental team now you can save yourself further dental problems and more severe and widespread decay.

Bolster and support your natural teeth

Everything from decay or chips and cracks can leave us dealing with a weakened tooth. To combat this, our team places incredibly durable tooth-colored fillings. Not only will this help to restore the tooth's strength, it will also last for many years to come.

Boost your confidence

We all know how important the health of our smiles is to our self-esteem. If you have cavities and damaged teeth, this can make you feel embarrassed and less than confident. By restoring your teeth with tooth-colored fillings, we can help you feel great about the appearance of your smile.

Safe for everyone

We see patients of all ages at our practice who are dealing with cavities. Fortunately, we have a pediatric and general dentist on-site to be able to effectively and properly treat cavities and place fillings in young children, teens, and adults. Tooth-colored fillings are safe for everyone, no matter their age.

Whether you or your child is dealing with a cavity, know that our pediatric and family dentists in Green Bay, WI, are ready to help. To schedule an appointment with our team, simply call Green Bay Family Dental today at (920) 432-2961.


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