The Importance of Preventive Care
By Green Bay Family Dental
June 06, 2019
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Are you doing everything you can to keep your smile healthy? Preventive care is important to maintaining a healthy smile by detecting Dentistrydental problems at their earliest stage. Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve, Dr. Eric Ulve, and Dr. Jessica Pasono at Green Bay Family Dental in Green Bay, WI offer a complete range of dental services to patients of all ages. Read on to find out why preventive care is so important.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

By seeing your dental provider regularly and practicing good oral hygiene at home, you can help keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. Seeing a dentist regularly is essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Spend some quality time with your dental provider and you'll catch problems at an early stage.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Dental plaque is a sticky film that contains bacteria and constantly forms on our teeth. This substance with the foods you eat eats away at the tooth enamel and can lead to decay. Left untreated, tooth decay can cause infection, tooth pain, and loss of teeth. Dental plaque can be removed by flossing and brushing regularly and getting professional teeth cleanings.

Prevent Dental Diseases

Your dental provider can detect oral health problems by examining your teeth and gums, probing your teeth with dental instruments, and looking at x-rays. Your dental provider may also conduct an oral cancer screening during your dental checkup.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Preventing tooth loss requires a long-term commitment to smart, healthy choices. Tooth loss is a process in which a tooth falls out or is surgically removed. Some causes of tooth loss range include poor nutrition, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, diseases, or injury to your teeth. Good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the dentist can help you prevent tooth loss.

Maintaining your oral health is important – and a focus on regular preventive care and the advice of your dentist, can help you stay healthy. To keep your oral health on track, call Green Bay Family Dental at 920-432-2961 right now to schedule a dental appointment in Green Bay, WI. You will experience exemplary service and state-of-the-art care at Green Bay Family Dental!


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