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By Green Bay Family Dental
August 20, 2021
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If you’re dealing with a cavity a filling is often the best way to restore the tooth.

According to the CDC, cavities are the most common childhood disease in kids between the ages of 6-11. However, this doesn’t mean that adults are off the hook. Cavities are also a serious and common problem for teens and adults, including seniors. The good news is that if decay is caught early enough by our Green Bay, WI, family dentist Dr. Eric Ulve and pediatric dentist Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve we can easily place a dental filling to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Want to know the benefits of dental fillings? You’ve come to the right place. These are the benefits of getting fillings from our team:

Prevent further dental issues

A cavity causes a hole to develop within tooth enamel. If the cavity isn’t removed it will continue to spread until it reaches the inside of the tooth where the pulp is. From there, an infected pulp will require a root canal or, worse, a tooth extraction. By getting a dental filling from our Green Bay, WI, dental team now you can save yourself further dental problems and more severe and widespread decay.

Bolster and support your natural teeth

Everything from decay or chips and cracks can leave us dealing with a weakened tooth. To combat this, our team places incredibly durable tooth-colored fillings. Not only will this help to restore the tooth's strength, it will also last for many years to come.

Boost your confidence

We all know how important the health of our smiles is to our self-esteem. If you have cavities and damaged teeth, this can make you feel embarrassed and less than confident. By restoring your teeth with tooth-colored fillings, we can help you feel great about the appearance of your smile.

Safe for everyone

We see patients of all ages at our practice who are dealing with cavities. Fortunately, we have a pediatric and general dentist on-site to be able to effectively and properly treat cavities and place fillings in young children, teens, and adults. Tooth-colored fillings are safe for everyone, no matter their age.

Whether you or your child is dealing with a cavity, know that our pediatric and family dentists in Green Bay, WI, are ready to help. To schedule an appointment with our team, simply call Green Bay Family Dental today at (920) 432-2961.

By Green Bay Family Dental
April 05, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Your family dentists in Green Bay, WI, can protect your family’s smiles.

Shopping around for dental services for your family is no fun, and now, you don’t have to. Convenience is only one reason why it’s important to have a family dentist. Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve, a pediatric dentist, and Dr. Eric Ulve, a family and general dentist, at Green Bay Family Dental in Green Bay, WI, offer comprehensive dental care services for your entire family. They can protect your family’s smiles because they work with children, adults, and seniors.

When you have a family dentist, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The convenience of going to the same dental office for all of your family’s dental needs. You will feel at ease knowing you and your family are in familiar surroundings, seeing a dentist you know and trust.
  • The peace of mind of knowing you have access to dental care right when you need it, even during weekends and after-hours. Great dental care is important, especially when you or a family member has a dental emergency.
  • The expertise of both a pediatric and a family dentist in one spot. The dental team at Green Bay Family Dental can answer all of your questions and provide excellent dental care for all of your loved ones.
  • The time saved by having multiple family members seen on the same day means less time away from school or work.
  • Budget-friendly dental care, because your family dentist can anticipate your family’s dental needs so you can plan for them, with no surprises, and no big hits to your budget.

At Green Bay Dental Care, all of your family members can benefit. We offer the following services:

For children, there is that all-important first visit, along with dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instruction, and more. As your children get older, preventive dental sealants are added, as another layer of protection against tooth decay.

For teens and adults, a wide range of restorative treatments are available, along with specialty care like orthodontics, for a great, straight smile.

For adults and seniors, cosmetic dentistry is also an option, to make your smile all it can be. You can choose from professional teeth whitening, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and more.

To find out more about why it’s important to have a family dentist and what a family dentist can do for you, call Dr. Eggers-Ulve and Dr. Ulve of Green Bay Family Dental in Green Bay, WI, at (920) 432-2961 now!

By Green Bay Family Dental
March 02, 2021
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young children without sealants can have three times the amount of cavities compared to children with sealants. Sealants from your family dentist can drastically reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay. This preventative measure from your Green Bay family dentists could save you thousands, and most importantly it could save your child's teeth! Having a pediatric dentist in Green Bay, WI, cap off those permanent molars can save your children's teeth in the long run. Don't wait for the cavity and pain to arrive, take the steps toward a healthy smile today.

What are Sealants?

Sealants are plastic coatings made to cover the molars in the back of your mouth. Often these molars are the most susceptible to cavities because food and other debris can get stuck there. Of course, the best way to prevent cavities is by brushing and flossing regularly. However, if that bacteria does manage to take hold putting a sealant on early can help stop the spread. A visit to Pediatric Dentistry in Green Bay, WI, can put a stop to tooth decay.

Sealants are applied quickly and painlessly. If your child is receiving a sealant they can expect your family dentist to clean the affected tooth and dry it to prepare the gel. This acidic gel is applied to the tooth to make the area rough and ready to bond with the sealant. Once prepared, your dentist will use a strong blue light to fuse the plastic sealant onto the tooth. This will cover up any holes already in the tooth and stop bacteria from spreading and causing further decay. Sealants usually last a couple of years, but you can always re-seal the tooth if necessary.

5 benefits to sealants

Below are just some of the benefits of using sealants to ensure your child's dental health:

  • Prevent costly procedures to fix damaged teeth
  • Prevent the pain your child could have from a serious tooth infection
  • Prevent permanent tooth loss from decaying teeth
  • Sealants are proven to be effective and reliable
  • Sealants are less invasive than the filler or root canals procedures they help prevent

Call us today!

We know how important it is to prevent dental problems by stopping them at the source. Seal the deal if your child needs sealants today. Don't hesitate, call Pediatric Dentistry of Green Bay in Green Bay, WI, at (920) 432-2961. 

By Green Bay Family Dental
March 01, 2021
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Here’s what you should know about your child’s first dental visit.

It’s important to instill good oral hygiene in your little one, and it’s never too early to start. In fact, by the time your child turns one year old they should start visiting the dentist. Our Green Bay, WI, family dentists Dr. Heidi Eggers-Ulve and Dr. Eric Ulve provide dental visits to children, teens, and adults of all ages. If you’ve been on the hunt for a dentist that will provide your little one with the long-term dental care they need, the team at Green Bay Family Dental welcomes you with a gentle touch, friendly service, and comprehensive care.

When should I bring my child in for their first dental visit?

Most parents bring their child in by at least 12 months old. However, you should schedule an appointment within six months of their first tooth coming in. While you may just think that these teeth aren’t important because they are baby teeth, this is simply not true. It’s important to keep baby teeth healthy to support the proper development of your child’s permanent teeth.

What should I expect from my child’s first dental visit?

This first visit to our Green Bay, WI, dental office is more about establishing rapport with your little one and your family. We want to get to know you and make sure that you feel at home here at our practice. We know that little ones can be nervous about a new space and new people, but our family dental team has worked with countless children and can provide ways to make the visit smooth and relaxed. The first appointment should only last about 30 to 45 minutes.

We will want to take a look inside their mouths to make sure that the tooth or teeth that are erupting are healthy and clean, as well as the gums. We will perform a quick but thorough exam to look at their teeth, jaws, gums, and bite. If we see a little plaque or tartar buildup, then we will need to give the teeth a gentle cleaning and polishing.

This is also the time for our dental team to show you how to properly brush, floss, and care for your child’s smile. We expect that you’ll have questions for us so feel free to bring your questions with you. This visit is as much about you as it is about your child since you’ll be caring for their smiles until they are about 7-8 years old.

We can also address questions and concerns about thumb sucking, teething, using a pacifier, protecting against decay, and proper feeding practices.

If you’re looking for a dentist here in Green Bay, WI, that can provide dental visits and a full range of other dental services to your whole family, then call Green Bay Family Dental today at (920) 432-2961 to schedule appointments for everyone.

By Green Bay Family Dental
January 12, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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It’s important to instill good oral habits in your child as soon as possible. Find out what you can do.

Do you notice that your child mimics the things you do? That’s because parents are typically a child’s main role model. They see what you do and try to imitate it. So, what are you doing to make sure that they practice good oral care? From the office of our Green Bay, WI, family dentists, Drs. Eric Ulve and Heidi Eggers-Ulve, find out what you should be doing to make sure your children maintain a healthy smile on their own. Talk to Green Bay Family Dental today.

Brushing and flossing according to your Bowmanville, ON, dentist

Your child is going to learn how to properly brush and floss their teeth and maintain good oral health through you. If you are someone who doesn’t floss every day or sometimes forgets to brush their teeth, then how do you expect your children to maintain good oral hygiene? Make brushing and flossing an activity that you share. Set a timer and make sure that you are both brushing for at least two minutes. Do this every morning after breakfast and at night before bed.

When it comes to flossing, things can get a bit trickier. But remember what we said about children imitating you? This can be a handy tool for teaching them to floss effectively. Show them exactly how you floss and have them watch you. Then floss their teeth to show them how it should feel. Soon enough, they will be able to take on the role themselves. If you need help teaching them, ask for some tips from your Green Bay family dentist.

Let Them Be Involved

While you will be the leader when it comes to showing them how to brush and floss you also want them to take charge sometimes, too. This means letting them go with you to pick their very own toothbrush. There are so many toothbrushes out there designed for children in mind. Let your child’s imagination run wild and let them choose a toothbrush that will have them want to brush.

Make it a routine and make it rewarding

Making a routine of your oral care regimen will also make it a habit for everyone in your family. Place a chart up on the fridge or on the bathroom door that reminds your children when to brush and floss. Every time they do so, put a sticker on the chart. By the end of the week let them turn in their stickers for a fun prize.

It’s also not a bad idea to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your child’s lunch so that they can start making a habit of brushing after lunch while they are at school. If you give them the tools and make it easier for them they will pick up these habits and make them their routine, as well.

Don’t forget to schedule your child’s next dental cleaning! Turn to Green Bay Family Dental in Green Bay, WI, to make sure that your child’s smile is healthy and free of decay! Schedule an appointment with your Green Bay family dentist Drs. Eric Ulve and Heidi Eggers-Ulve by calling (920) 432-2961.

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